Tubes for Passive Residual Heat Remover (PRHR) Heat Exchangers


Valinox Nucléaire is the only supplier qualified to supply tubes for Passive Residual Heat Removal (PRHR) heat exchangers in line with the highest safety standards governing Gen 3 AP1000 pressurized water reactors.


Application & Challenges

The function of a Passive Residual Heat Removal (PRHR) heat exchanger is to cool down the primary loop without external intervention so as to avoid overheating of the reactor core. The PRHR heat exchanger tubes are fitted in the water tank of the AP1000 reactor on top of the nuclear island building. They are used exclusively for this safety-critical application.


Product Performance

The tubes are made of alloy 690 and bent to a C-shape using a special bending technique and equipment developed by Valinox Nucléaire.



PRHR heat exchanger tubes from Valinox Nucléaire play a key role in enhancing the safety of GEN 3 nuclear power plants.