Valinox Nucléaire wins contract with BWTX Canada Ltd.

07/02/2017 - Canada, France, Power generation, Nuclear
The Vallourec subsidiary will deliver premium tubes for a life extension project for the Bruce Power nuclear plant

Valinox Nucléaire, Vallourec's subsidiary specialized in tubes for nuclear power plants, has signed an important contract with the Canadian company BWXT Canada Ltd. as part of the ambitious life extension plan for the Bruce Power nuclear plant, which aims to extend its lifespan and improve operating safety levels.

Bruce Power is located in Ontario, 250 km north-west of Toronto. It has eight reactors, two of which underwent life extension programs a few years ago. Vallourec will produce tubes for eight steam generators in the 822 MW unit 6.

These nickel alloy tubes are first cold-pilgered then heat treated, before undergoing very thorough controls. They are finally bent in accordance with strict tolerances. For this order, Vallourec has developed tubes that specifically meet the technical and design criteria for Canadian CANDU®  (1) reactors. They will be manufactured from April 2017 onwards and will occupy one of the two Montbard (Burgundy, France) production units for several months.

Vallourec has a strong international presence, and its nuclear activities are located in France, Germany, China, South Korea, India and the United States. It is also involved in nuclear projects around the world. In total, 75% of the nuclear power plants that are currently in operation or under construction in the world are fitted with Vallourec tubes.

(1) « CANDU® » means CANada Deuterium Uranium as a reference to the use of deuterium oxyde (heavy water) and of natural uranium fuel.

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