Vallourec plant in China receives HAF601 approval from China's NNSA

25/11/2015 - China, Power generation
Valinox Nucléaire Guangzhou  has been awarded HAF601 approval from the Chinese National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA).

This approval is the prerequisite for any supplier who intends to offer particularly safety-relevant products for the construction of nuclear power stations on the Chinese market. This includes steam generator tubes made by Valinox Nucléaire, a Vallourec subsidiary specializing in their production.

This is the first time that HAF601 approval has been granted to a foreign company operating in China. The Valinox Nucléaire plant in the French town of Montbard has long held HAF604 certification as an overseas steam generator tubes manufacturer and has served the Chinese market for 25 years now.

The market for nuclear power plants in China is of decisive importance, considering that it accounts for some 50 percent of worldwide demand in this sector.

Stephane Jeanneteau, Valinox Nucléaire Vice President, comments: "NNSA approval is yet another proof of our expertise and our long standing nuclear safety culture for now we are in a better position to serve the Chinese market with local products which is a decisive edge over our competitors."


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NNSA = National Nuclear Safety Administration

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