Contract signature with Framatome

Vallourec to supply Framatome with steam generator tubes for the new Hinkley Point C EPRs

Valinox Nucléaire SAS, specializing in the production of tubes for nuclear power plants, has signed a major contract with Framatome for the manufacture of more than 47,500 tubes for the 8 steam generators of the two new EPR Hinkley Point C units located in England. 

These tubes —the only interface between the primary system and the secondary system in pressurized water reactors—transfer heat from the reactor to the secondary loop in order to produce steam that drives a higher power turbine generating electricity. 

As critical components in a nuclear power plant, these tubes contribute to the safety of the facility and their quality is an important element in ensuring reactor performance. "These tubes comply with the strictest nuclear safety standards," said Stéphane Jeanneteau, President of Valinox Nucléaire.  

Production of this 1,000 km order will begin in 2018 at the Group's Montbard site (Burgundy, France), which has over 40 years of experience in this highly technical field.

Based in France and China for its nuclear activities, Vallourec is involved in nuclear projects throughout the world and covers all its customers' needs with a complete range of premium tubes, in terms of both dimensions and steel grades.

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