Nuclear Island for Pressurized Water Reactors



The Vallourec subsidiary Valinox Nucléaire has been supplying tubular solutions for the primary circuits of pressurized water reactors since 1974. Our products have been installed in more than 200 nuclear reactors of all types around the globe.

Undisputed worldwide leader in these products, Valinox Nucléaire has in the course of decades accumulated vast experience as reflected in a unique track record of repeated enhancement of operational safety in civil nuclear power plants over and above requirements specified by utilities.



Located very close to or even inside the nuclear reactor, the tubes produced by Valinox Nucléaire must resist extreme corrosion, pressure and temperature loads for a service life of at least 60 years without compromising the safety of the installation. These conditions require specific manufacturing know-how as well as a rigorous project management and traceability system from cradle to grave.


Products & Solutions

Valinox Nucléaire offers tubular products in various nickel alloys (Inconel 690, 600, 800, 825, …..) and stainless steels for severely corrosive environments. Our products offer superior quality, including a signal-to-noise ratio of 20:1 and above, and they meet and often exceed specific safety requirements.

Our main products are:

Tubes for control rod drive mechanism (CRDMs)

Passive residual heat remover tubes

Other nuclear products


 Steam Piping System in the Nuclear Island


In a pressurized water reactor (PWR), the piping system that contains the coolant is the primary water system. The steam piping where steam is generated to spin the steam turbine is the secondary system. Depending on the design of the PWR, these piping systems consist of tubes in carbon, low-alloy or high-alloy ferritic steels with large outside diameters and wall thicknesses.



Since all components in the nuclear island are safety critical, tubes for steam piping are subject to RCC-M Code requirements or to those of ASME Section III. Vallourec mills are equipped to manufacture the complete size range of tubes to these requirements in outside diameters up to 1,500 mm.


Products & Solutions

Tubular products (EN 10216-2)

Tubes and pipes (ASTM)

Inside diameter controlled pipes