Nuclear Island for Fast Breeder Reactors (GenIV)



As world leader in tubular solutions for nuclear power plants and traditional partner of France's CEA, through its subsidiary Valinox Nucléaire, Vallourec contributes toward the development of future nuclear technologies, including Generation IV reactors.

It began with the French GEN 4 program and Valinox Nucléaire has since produced fuel tube packages for the Phoenix and Superphoenix reactors. We are involved in the ASTRID Fast Breeder Reactor project and we also participate in other fast breeder projects.



Conditions in a sodium-cooled nuclear reactor are extremely agressive, a combination of severe thermal, mechanical and corrosive loads. One of the most difficult challenges is reducing the metal's enbrittlement caused by intense neutron bombardment.


Products & Solutions

Drawing from our unique experience in tubular solutions for primary circuits of pressurized water reactors, we cooperate with Design Institutes in developing and fine-tuning the technologies of tomorrow. Valinox Nucléaire has recently devised manufacturing processes for cladding tubes and hexagonal wrapper tubes with special materials.


Key figures

Our six R&D centers employ more than500engineers & technicians