Applications in nuclear fired power plants

Nuclear Island for Pressurized Water Reactor Steam Piping System
Nuclear Island for Pressurized Water Reactor Steam Piping System LP and HP FeedWater Heaters Moisture Separator Reheater Condenser

The essential role of steel tubes in a power station

The construction of nuclear power plants involves the planning, design and control of up to 3 water-steam cycles. Steel tubes and pipes in a wide range of materials and dimensions are among the key components for the proper operation of these power plants. For example, steam generator tubes have to operate in extreme conditions involving high pressures and temperatures; they play an important safety role because they constitute one of the primary barriers between the radioactive and non-radioactive sections of the plant.


Steel grades contribute significantly to better efficiency

No matter which part of a power plant you look at – there are bound to be tubes with either water or steam flowing through them. Like veins, they ensure safe and reliable power plant operation and thus contribute decisively to reliable energy supplies.

Modern power plants achieve higher efficiency through ever higher process temperatures and pressures. This benefits the environment and helps to keep energy costs in check. On the technical side, this means continuously increasing demands on the materials used for tube and pipe production.


No. 1 on the power generation market

As the No. 1 producer of tube and pipe for the energy market, Vallourec is heavily involved in the development and launch of new materials.  We are already working at full steam on the next generation of materials to safeguard tomorrow's energy supplies.


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Worldwide80 %of all nuclear power plants in operation or under construction are equipped with Vallourec tubes