​Seamless Hollow Bars for Mechanical Engineering

MECAPLUS® sizes and Spirafort® grades

Reducing material loss and saving time on costly machining operations has been the basic idea of hollow bars since their market launch in the 1940s. Vallourec brings these bars to perfection by combining the MECAPLUS® stepless size range and Spirafort® grades - a Vallourec offer 100% based on and fully compliant with the applicable standard EN 10294-1 "Hollow bars for machining", but in this combination far superior.

MECAPLUS® size range includes almost any OD between 30 and 375 mm with increments as small as 1 mm, which means that there is much less material to machine and scrap is reduced to a minimum. In the world of MECAPLUS®, more than 25,000 different sizes are available for customers to find the perfect fit for their specific machined part.

Spirafort® series allows application-specific materials selection. Machining costs are further reduced by choosing a Spirafort® grade that features superior machinability at higher cutting speeds and longer tool life. Compared to standard stock grades, especially the higher-strength Spirafort® grade 470 supports the design of weight-optimized solutions.

If your application calls for material properties superior to Spirafort®, there are still other options within the Vallourec portfolio of proprietary engineering steel grades (Avadur® series) and fine-grain steels (FineXcell®).

Our Technical Team will help you to select the right material and sizes for your specific application. Please contact us.


Cost saving with MECAPLUS® in Spirafort® grades compared to standard stock material:

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Product Properties

  • Excellent geometric properties
  • Easy selection of the size to be ordered: The OD and ID of the finish-machined part define the MECAPLUS® size to be ordered
  • MECAPLUS® ODs from 30 mm to 375 mm, in increments as small as 1 mm, hence wide-ranging options
  • More than 25,000 different sizes available
  • Guaranteed clean-turned sizes
  • Spirafort® grades are available in a wide range of strength levels, all with superior machinability
  • For extremely demanding applications, alternative advanced engineering and high-strength fine-grain materials are available
  • Weight-reduced designs through increased strength of Spirafort® grades
  • Increased application ranges of the different cutting tool geometries (minimized number of tips to be used)
  • Ideal combination for savings in machining cost by using Spirafort® grades and selecting a hollow bar from the MECAPLUS® size range with OD increments of 1 mm