Hydraulic Cylinders


​Hydraulic Cylinders - All Types and Grades for Application Specific Designs

Vallourec produces hydraulic cylinder tubes for a wide range of equipment and applications. These tubes are used wherever heavy loads have to be moved, lifted or fixed, e.g. as part of hydraulic units in all types of cranes, in roof supports and hydraulic shields, heavy earth-moving and agricultural equipment.

Vallourec hydraulic cylinder tubes are available semi-finished products and as custom-tailored cylinders. The latter are precision-machined inhouse at the Vallourec production facilities according to customers' specifications and drawings.

Our proprietary special grades support custom-tailored designs of hydraulic cylinders for specific requirements, application environments and machinery. They feature high strength, outstanding toughness and resistance to brittle fracture as well as excellent welding properties. To sum up: Vallourec special grades ensure maximum performance and weight-optimized design of hydraulic components.


Product Information

  • Grades: Forterior® / Forterior® ImpactFIT
  • The VMec® family, specially developed for the North-American market
    (grades: VMec® 50, VMec® 60 & VMec® 70)
  • Grades: FineXcell® / FineXcell® ImpactFIT


Product Advantages

  • Higher strength and good impact values (grades: Forterior® / Forterior® ImpactFIT)
  • Higher strength and impact energy than grade B/C according to A/SA 106
    (grades: VMec® 50, VMec® 60 & VMec® 70)
  • High strength, outstanding toughness and resistance to brittle fracture, excellent weldability (grades: FineXcell® / FineXcell® ImpactFIT)



  • Cranes, mobile and stationary
  • Roof supports / hydraulic shields
  • Earth-moving equipment (Yellow Industry)
  • Agricultural equipment (Green Industry)