Square and Rectangular


Square and Rectangular Structural Hollow Sections (MSH)*

Vallourec MSH sections possess good, uniform properties for structural safety and reliability through uniform hardness distribution and low residual stresses. In addition, they have extra-tight corner radii with large, flat connecting areas – a feature that is the direct outcome of the hot-rolling process.

To achieve the best strength-to-weight ratio as well as uniform properties and easy processing in all applications, Vallourec offers MSH sections in wide range of dimensions and steel grades. Besides the standard grades according to EN 10210, these include our proven Forterior® grade series. These materials offer significant weight saving potentials: structures can be designed slimmer without compromising on strength and load capacity or on weldability.

The principle of increased performance and less weight can be maximized with MSH hollow in FineXcell® grades. These fine-grain structural steels offer yield strengths up to an impressive 1000 MPa plus excellent processing and fabrication characteristics.

​* Mannesmann Stahlbau-Hohlprofil


Dimensional Range

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Square MSH Sections 

Rectangular MSH Sections 



Product Advantages

Advantages of hot-finished MSH sections in mechanical engineering

  • A wide range of dimensions (square and rectangular sections with wall thicknesses up to 25 mm)
  • A wide range of steel grades from standard carbon steels and high-strength special steels to quenched-and-tempered fine-grain steels:
  • Forterior® (higher strength for the more demanding mechanical engineering applicationsFineXcell® (high-tech tubes in fine-grain steels of top quality)
  • Higher static values for increased load-bearing capacity in all applications
  • Tight corner radii (up to 1 x T on request) and large, flat connecting areas for easy processing and fabrication (square and rectangular MSH sections)
  • Higher weights and higher static values than cold-formed sections,due to the hot finishing process
  • Excellent surface condition
  • Superior structural safety and reliability thanks to uniform hardness distribution and low residual stresses
  • MSH sections meet EN 10210 requirements and similar national or international standards
  • Comprehensive technical support


Applications for MSH Sections in Mechanical Engineering

  • Highly stressed frame structures
  • Any engineering component under individual or combined
  • Standard loadsCyclic loadsMultiaxial loadsTorsional load
  • Column with best possible buckle curve