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Crane construction covers a wide range of machinery for load lifting, ranging from small truck-mounted cranes with hook loads of 1 t with tubes used for the crane column and hydraulic cylinders, and super tower cranes with hook heights of over 200 m / 650 ft. and jib lengths of more than 100 m / 330 ft., to heavy-duty crawler cranes with lattice booms and jibs made of high-strength steel.



Designs in crane construction are optimized with tubes and structural hollow sections with different diameters, wall thicknesses and grades to suit the specific load. The objective is to achieve slim yet durable high-strength designs for loads involving cyclic vibratory stresses.


Products and Solutions

Hot-finished mechanical tubes and structural hollow sections are ideal for demanding applications, e.g. in super-heavy crawler cranes where welds are undesirable due to their strength-reducing effect. Hot-finished tubes from Vallourec also feature high buckling resistance under tensile and compressive loads as well as homogeneous material properties with a uniform microstructure through the cross section (see also Product Advantages). Their overall material properties make seamless hot-finished sections far superior to welded and cold-formed sections when it comes to typical crane requirements such as top performance under dynamic cyclic stresses.


Product Information

  • Mannesmann Structural Hollow Sections, MSH, square & rectangular
  • Mechanical Tubes
  • Delivery standards EN 10210-1, EN 10297-1 and -2, SEW 090-2
  • Forterior® and FineXcell® grades (355 to 960 MPa), standard grades such as S355J2H, S355NH,S355NLH, S460NH,S460NLH


Product Advantages

  • ​Homogeneous material properties through the cross section: low internal stress and easy processing
  • High strength and stiffness with an optimal European buckling curve, superior to cold-finished and welded sections
  • A wide range of specific grades for an optimal strength/weight ratio
  • High loadability and high static values
  • Good weldability, also in the edge areas
  • High yield strength (up to min. 960 MPa)



Vallourec mechanical and structural tubes are specified by the world's leading crane and crane component manufacturers for all crane types, including the following:

  • Mobile cranes
  • Crawler cranes
  • Ring cranes
  • Tower cranes
  • Mobile harbor cranes
  • Truck loader cranes
  • Harbor and dockside cranes
  • Lattice tower, boom and jib elements