Agricultural Machinery



In order to achieve the highest efficiency, agricultural equipment has developed into highly automated, soil- and process-specific machines. It has to work reliably at high and frequently GPS-controlled speeds as well as being strong and robust enough to withstand the often demanding regional soil qualities and climatic conditions in the world's biggest agricultural regions.



Operating at high production speeds in critical soil conditions, agricultural equipment is subjected to significant mechanical stressing. One of the most critical points is the connection of the various process-specific components to the frame construction, i.e. of ploughs, cultivators and choppers.


Products and Solutions

​Hot-formed square and rectangular MSH sections combine several advantages that make them the ideal material for frame constructions in the design of agricultural equipment. High load-bearing capacity and excellent weldability for easy processing combine with tight corner radii for large contact surfaces, thus optimizing any type of design and component connection. Homogeneous material properties due to hot forming add strength and durability and may even be enhanced further with fine-grain steels that withstand even the highest multi-axial and fatigue stress.

  • MSH sections standard grade S355J2H conforming to EN 10210
  • Special grades for agricultural equipment:
  • Forterior® 400 450 500 gradesFineXcell® 690 770 890 960 grades


Product Properties

  • A wide range of specific grades for an optimal strength/weight ratio
  • High load-bearing capacity and high static values
  • Homogeneous material properties through the cross section: low internal stress and easy processing
  • Tight corner radii (down to 1 x T on request) for reduced welding material and processing time requirements



  • Ploughs
  • Cultivators
  • Sowing machines
  • Rotary harrows
  • Harvesters
  • Combine harvesters
  • Field choppers
  • Field sprayers
  • Rollover protective structures (ROPS)
  • Axles