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The advertising campaign: ​

Vallourec makes any customer's project possible, from the most straightforward to the most complex, including deepwater offshore activities, ultra-modern power plants and ambitious infrastructure projects​.​​​​

​Vallourec unveils a campaign to accompany its transformation

​A campaign « We make the impossible possible » and a signature « Smart tubular solutions »​

Vallourec is accelerating its transformation and launching this new branding campaign to reaffirm its positioning as a major market player, recognized for its unique expertise, capacity for innovation and ability to make its customers' projects a reality.
Vallourec has been producing steel tubes for the oil and gas, electricity and mechanical engineering industries for over a century. These high-performance products, the result of a cutting-edge research and development process, are critical components for the success of its customers’ most ambitious projects throughout the world.
Deepwater offshore drilling off the coast of Angola, corrosion-resistant tubular connections for high-pressure and high-temperature wells in the Gulf of Mexico, boiler tubes for the world's most efficient thermal power plant in Germany, seamless structural tubes for the roof of the biggest soccer stadium in Brazil, and much more. Behind the scenes of these technical accomplishments, there is the industrial expertise of Vallourec's teams and their ability to come up with the best solutions.

Five images illustrating the various Group markets​ – Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Industry – will also be used with the slogan "We make it possible", conveying Vallourec's ability to solve its customers' challenges and “make the impossible possible”.


Vallourec in 2 minutes

The brand signature

"Smart tubular solutions"
encapsulates what the Vallourec range has to offer. More than tubes, Vallourec provides its customers with integrated solutions combining products and services. Our passionate, committed employees are always finding ways to make them more reliable, innovative and competitive.