2014 Registration Document

13/04/2015 - Registration document
Filing of the 2014 Registration Document including the 2014 Annual Financial Report

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Boulogne-Billancourt (France), 13 April 2015Vallourec announces the filing of its 2014 Registration Document, including the Annual Financial Report for the 2014 fiscal year, with the French securities regulator (Autorité des marchés financiers - AMF) on 10 April 2015 under the number D.15-0315.​

This 2014 Registration Document includes, among other items:

  • the 2014 Annual Financial Report;
  • the Report of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board on the Board's composition and application of the principle of balanced representation of women and men on it, the conditions for preparing and organizing the Board's work, and the risk management and internal control procedures as well as the Statutory Auditors' Report thereon;
  • the fees paid to Statutory Auditors;
  • a description of Vallourec's share buyback program in accordance with Article 241-2 of the AMF Regulation. 

The French-language Registration Document is available:

It is also available at the Vallourec corporate office, 27 avenue du Général Leclerc - Boulogne-Billancourt (92100).

An English-language version of the 2014 Registration Document will be available on the company's website (www.vallourec.com​​) on 25 April 2015 at the latest.