Zero rejects during first running of VAM® LOX

29/10/2018 - OCTG, Oil & gas
VAM® LOX, the latest gas-tight premium connection, is now in the field.

A major operator in Bolivia recently deployed the first string of VAM® LOX, the solution specially developed by Vallourec for surface casing in the most challenging environments,  for its exploratory gas well. With a total well depth of more than 5,000 meters, the surface casing was run to a depth of over 1,000 meters. The VAM® LOX gas-tight premium connection was chosen for this project to meet the stringent QHSE requirements [API RP 5C5 CAL 1 with gas, 100% CYS*] associated with the uncertainties of exploratory gas wells.  VAM® Field Services were on site to assist the running crew with the first running of the new connection. Lucio Gomez, VAM® Field Services Operations Supervisor confirmed: "We were impressed with the smooth running of VAM® LOX in the field which showed a very good performance.  Using standard running equipment, with no stabbing guide, we ran 89 connections on 20"seamless pipe down hole with zero rejects or back-outs." 

Thanks to its specific thread design, VAM® LOX is quick to run; make-up takes less than 3 turns to complete, averaging just 30 seconds per connection.  Lighter weight than traditional weld-on connectors, with no need for lifting subs or anti-break out devices, VAM® LOX ensures easy stabbing, fastrunning and well integrity.

This success is a good signal that VAM® LOX can become the reference surface casing connection for deep wells, HP/HT and offshore fields. For further information:

* Connection yield strength