VAM® Academy for Experts

14/12/2015 - Oil & gas
Vallourec gives special training to top field service technicians.

The VAM® Field Service​​ centres, including 230 technicians organized around 11 regional hubs, provide on-site support teams to the Oil & Gas sector, sending highly trained experts to the rigs 365 days a year, worldwide, to ensure the smooth functioning of connections, guarantee well integrity and help customers to optimize increasingly sophisticated rig products, applications and operations.
VAM® Field Service technicians are well prepared to ensure this cutting-edge service, with thorough training on VAM® field procedures. New recruits’ schooling includes also a two-day training on a specifically rented rig to simulate actual operating conditions.
In order to still further improve its top field technicians’ performance, Vallourec recently held its first VAM® Academy for Experts training session in the North of France. This expert level advanced training was formulated to provide the technicians with knowledge going beyond their everyday work.
Giving them insight into the manufacturing processes of Vallourec’s core business of steelmaking, pipe rolling, heat treatment and threading, the training will enable these experts to understand the reasons behind procedures and answer in depth technical questions on the Group’s steel grades and connections.
The next VAM® Academy for Experts session is planned for 2016 in Youngstown, Ohio (USA), whereas VAM® Academy for new recruits continues in Aberdeen and Houston, supplemented by local induction training.

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