Connor Adcock: For a smooth production process

28/08/2018 - United States
Connor Adcock, Production Lead at Vallourec Star in Muskogee (USA), oversees production of the cutoff and finishing departments.

Connor has been on a fast track of career advancement since graduating from Muskogee High School and working as a Production Lead for a hood ventilation system manufacturer.  He started with Vallourec Star in 2017 as a temporary worker, doing data entry.  Within five months, he was promoted to the position of Production Lead.  He enjoys providing quality control before any product has to officially be inspected by QA.  "Volume is way up right now.  There seems to be no end in sight!"

Cut off is an essential process that allows us to not only catch defects but potentially remove the defects before the pipe leaves the cutoff line.  He ensures the production process flows smoothly and efficiently as pipe moves into finishing to be pressure tested and coated. These are fundamental to the integrity of the pipe to ensure that it is not compromised once at the rig site. 

With domestic oil and gas drilling on the rise, Connor's production line is doing its part to accommodate demand.  

Connor loves his work and he loves the camaraderie of the workplace.  "When you come here, they take you in, train you correctly and treat you like family, ensuring that you'll succeed at what you do," Connor says of Vallourec.

He doesn't have to look far to find motivation.  "My wife is my biggest influence," he says. " She helps me push harder and gives me a reason to get up and go to work every morning, working hard to keep going." Since the workplace provides his second family, Adcock's motivation has only multiplied. "Everything's about teamwork here," Adcock says.  "Together, we make quality, safety and production our number one goal."