350 tons of tubes for the Borssele Wind Farm substation

28/11/2018 - Netherlands, Industry
Vallourec is supplying structural tubes for the Borssele Offshore Wind Farm substation in the Netherlands.

In partnership with RijnDijk, a Dutch steel construction specialist, Vallourec is supplying 350 tons of structural hollow sections (MSH) produced in Dusseldorf Rath, Germany, for the construction of the Borssele Wind Farm substation. 

Stringent conditions…

This offshore Wind Farm, located off the coast of the Zeeland Dutch province, will consist of two connections with a combined capacity of 1,400 MW, with the first connection planned to go into service in 2019.

Located by the sea, the substation needs to withstand strong winds and extreme humidity with high salinity. Our MSH sections will be used for the high steel supports to hold the high-voltage cables, switchgear, measuring and control units. Their high static values and extreme resilience meet the environmental requirements and safety standards set by TenneT, the offshore grid operator. 

...and MSH sections up to the challenge!

For this first-of-a-kind project with our MSH sections, Vallourec high degree of technical know-how, service and delivery reliability made the difference. This first success confirms that our tubular solutions can support the strong development of renewable energy projects.

High-voltage cables, switchgear-, measuring-, and control units in the substation of the wind park of Borssele will be positioned at a safe height on top of our resilient MSH Sections.

Assembly of the steel supports in the substation in Borssele

Hot-rolled MSH sections with high statical values