Webcast Smart tubular solutions in Brazil

15/10/2018 - Brazil
From our services hub in Rio das Ostras, Brazil, we design, test and implement a wide range of solutions specially developed to make our customers’ life easier.

A successful webcast

Congratulations and thank you to Bruno Gontijo and Renato Renno for their webcast presentation about Smart Tubular Solutions - Vallourec in Brazil, in which they introduced our new, customer-oriented approach Vallourec.smart and presented concrete examples of services and solutions that we provide today.

Bruno highlighted the benefits to the customer of our integrated solutions for the pipe life cycle, together with our offer for accessories and equipment rental from our hub in Rio das Ostras. Renato introduced a range of new digital solutions that we are offering to our customers in Brazil.  

Over 230 people registered for the webcast and more than 100 people connected to the live event. 

Replay of the webcast is available on https://www.worldoil.com/webcasts

Our innovative Vallourec.smart offer

The Vallourec.smart portfolio, which you have discovered through the webcast, is comprised of five main segments:

  • Design: benefit from support to optimize your design
  • Sourcing: simplify their supply process and optimize the related costs
  • Tubular Management: optimize your delivery circuit, for prompt installation and operation in the best possible conditions
  • Installation: maximize efficiency and enhance integrity of your asset
  • Asset Management: extend your asset service life

The decision to launch the Vallourec.smart service offer illustrates our ambition to deliver innovative digital services and complement the tubular solutions that have made our worldwide reputation.



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