Vallourec Vox Box - Episode 2

17/04/2018 - Corporate
Vallourec Vox Box is back!

With this second episode, rediscover the Group's core values through the voices of its employees.

"Being a woman at Vallourec is …." the first episode of Vallourec's web series was seen by almost over 42,000 people on our networks. On the occasion of the release of the second episode, which is about the Group's core values, let's look briefly at how and why this project came about.

Over the years Vallourec has developed a widely recognized expertise and know-how. However, the technical nature of its products and businesses sometimes make understanding difficult.

So we hit upon a simple concept: we decided to ask Vallourec coworkers to talk, in their own words, about the Group and how they see it.

A total of nearly 90 employees, women and men, engineers, assistants, managers, plant workers, apprentices, etc., of all ages and nationalities, took part. In a streamlined backdrop, they spontaneously answered around a dozen diverse questions ranging from the Group history, its values to its latest innovations, as well as its businesses, processes and products. So many testimonies shared through their own experience within the company.

The result is seven episodes each lasting three to four minutes which will be released at regular intervals throughout the year.


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