International successes with the new Sour Service drilling

13/01/2015 - Oil & gas, Drilling products, OCTG
Vallourec develops sour service products.

​​​Vallourec has been making great strides in developing Sour Service* products for the most challenging sour environments faced by our clients. These new solutions have been successfully deployed worldwide.

Recently a major land rig contractor has purchased Vallourec's new VM-120 DP S grade drill pipe to drill complex wells in the Sultanate of Oman.

In Brazil, a major offshore service company purchased VAM® DPR HP™ risers developed in combination with Vallourec's new VM-95 DP SS+ grade, which exhibit enhanced resistance to sulfide stress cracking in the weld zone.

In the UK, a major international oil company has been using Vallourec's very first string of VM-120 DP MS grade drill pipe, and has completed its initial development phase successfully.

* "Sour Service" refers to a well environment containing hydrogen sulfide, a gas that can cause drill pipe cracking.

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