Renovating France’s nuclear facilities: Valinox Nucléaire awarded first contract

08/02/2012 - France, Power generation, Nuclear
Valinox Nucléaire, a Vallourec subsidiary specialising in the production of tubes for nuclear power plants, has been awarded a contract by Areva to manufacture tubes for the steam generators of two reactors of 1300 MW.

​This contract relates to the EDF programme announced in September 2011, to gradually replace large components of its 1300 MW power plants, which attributed the building of new steam generators for 11 reactors to Areva and Westinghouse.

The steam generators feature an inner circuit made up of 122 kilometres of nickel-alloy tubes designed to create steam, which is then used to produce electricity via a high-power turbine.

In 2011, Valinox Nucléaire completed an extension to its production capacity at its plant in Montbard (Burgundy, France), multiplying its production capacity by close to 3. Valinox Nucléaire today employs 500 people in Montbard.