A new high pressure gas-tight connection

05/08/2015 - Oil & gas, Drilling products
VAM® Express M2M™ for deepwater drilling and completion applications.
​​​​Vallourec  has developed ​a new high pressure gas-tight double shoulder rotary connection incorporating metal-to-metal technology for deepwater drilling and completion applications
Deepwater drilling and completion operations particularly in the Gulf of Mexico have a growing need for gas-tight connections. This has been motivated by wells requiring drill stem testing, high-pressure completions/well stimulation jobs or managed pressure/under-balanced drilling operations. Safety and well integrity concerns further accentuate the need for a "no compromise" approach when developing connections with gas-tight capabilities.
In response to these industry needs Vallourec has developed a new drill pipe based gas-tight connection with metal-to-metal rotary seal technology. VAM® Express M2M​™ is a premium high-pressure connection that allows the same drill string to be utilized for both drilling and completion operations, representing considerable cost savings and improved efficiency over conventional industry practice. Vallourec’s commitment to safety has led to a connection that provides one of the highest operating safety margins of any gas-tight connection.