VAM® Assured, a revolution in onshore OCTG services

10/08/2015 - Norway, United Kingdom, Oil & gas, OCTG
Vallourec creates an innovative all-in-one solution for OCTG yard services.

​Vallourec Oil & Gas UK created VAM® Assured, an innovative all in one solution for 
OCTG yard services in Aberdeen and Norway. The new service agreement offers a full scope of onshore handling, inspection and storage, rig-ready and rig-return, all condensed to a single per tonne rate. ​A revolution of simplicity and clarity for the client: One line invoices. No hidden costs or complex contracts.

OCTG service agreements had grown increasingly complex, with heavy, slow moving processes, costing the clients’ teams a lot of time and effort. Every agreement was different, and would contain dozens of pages listing all the items, each of which with a specific description and price range.
Therefore Vallourec Oil & Gas UK in 2012 ​completely revamped its OCTG service agreements, to VAM® Assured, a fully integrated service agreement covering the full range of services in one short, combined document. The simplest and most radical innovation was to sum up all services into one price, taking into account all the parameters like weight, time, sites, items, combining normal time and overtime, and giving the client a one line rate: a price per tonne that includes all services. Clients can thus foresee how much they will pay in the end. Beyond price, the new integrated agreements offer more visibility and include all the key services: stock handling and stock management, inspection, lifting equipment and transport; even third party services.
Read more​ about this radical improvement to everyone’s benefit, saving time and cost, enhancing transparence and building confidence between customer and supplier.