Seamless tubes for the spire of One World Trade Center in New York

06/05/2013 - United States, Industry, Construction and Solutions
​Vallourec has provided 500 tons of specifically designed steel tubes for the newly-installed spire on the top of One World Trade Centre in New York.

The 124 meters high spire is the finishing touch to the highest building in the United States. With the robust and durable structural steel hollow sections produced by Vallourec, the peak of the skyscraper will hold its own against the elements, the tubes giving the structure the necessary stability. Because the spire also acts as an antenna, the tubes also guarantee flawless radio coverage for the megacity’s media services.
With the spire made of Vallourec tubes, the building reaches it’s symbolic height of 1776 feet (541 meters), a number chosen in reference to the date of signature of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.