The Saturnax 09 is winning over Asia Pacific

29/12/2014 - Oil & gas, Welding solutions
Serimax supplies state-of-the-art welding technology to the Damar project in Malaysia.

​Vallourec's subsidiary Serimax has developed a new groundbreaking welding system with an extensive range of applications: The Saturnax 09.

In 2014, the Damar project in Malaysia is the first project in the APAC region using the new Saturnax 09. Serimax successfully delivered 1,768 corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) welds with 1.13% repair rate. This is an excellent first track record both of cold metal transfer (CMT) application on CRA production worldwide and of the use of Scanvision, an internal camera, in this region.

The project required dynamic planning, with short notice mobilization of equipment and staff, as well as training of Technicians, Technical Supervisors and Dimensioning Operators. Close coordination with the customer and risk anticipation helped meeting the customer's expectations in terms of quality, safety and schedule.

Gaining experience, Serimax broadened the reach and potential of advanced technologies for future missions in this area.

The Saturnax 09 also performed outstandingly in projects located in Angola, Nigeria and Norway, setting a new standard in the industry and making Vallourec a leader in welding services.


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