Project Line Pipe by Vallourec: Interview with Frédéric Castrec

13/06/2018 - Welding solutions, Oil & gas
Frédéric Castrec, Project Line Pipe Managing Director, answers questions for 2018 Offshore Technology Review.

Offshore Technology Review: What offshore pipeline work have you been doing this year?

Frédéric Castrec: Project Line Pipe supply both seamless line pipe and welding services. We recently had a really great opportunity to showcase our new GMAW* STT** welding process offshore in Myanmar. We were able to weld 200 joints per day with a repair rate less than 1% which is a record for a welding process without any backing ring.  As well, we finished welding on the G1200 for the Bahr Essalam (a gas field located in the Mediterranean sea, located approximately 110km from Tripoli) 20" CRA*** line with an exceptional low reject and repair rate. We provided both pipe and welding for the Crown and Anchor project, the pipes came from Brazil and we welded on TechnipFMC****'s spoolbase in USA. It's difficult to know where to stop because we have been out and about in many parts of the world providing offshore services; it's what we do best.   But the message that we like to make known is that we always finish and deliver a job, no matter how tough, on time. We will find a solution and work until the job has been completed.

Offshore Technology Review: And what are the big projects planned for the next year or so?

Frédéric Castrec: I will keep it brief. We have some tremendous projects lined up welding wise in the Middle East, with one, offering almost 20,000 joints ready to be qualified and welded. With 33 CRA projects completed over the past 5 years, which equates to about 451 km, we have so much to offer through the evolution of our solutions portfolio and internal training of our experts. We really enjoy these technically challenging projects. Where line pipe supply is concerned and looking at the short-term, Middle East and North Sea seem to be opening new doors. There will also be an increase in spoolbase activity between Orkanger and Evanton. 

Offshore Technology Review: And according to you, what could your next big challenge from a technical standpoint in the offshore sector be?

Frédéric Castrec: That's a difficult question to answer. I would say it is offering customers significant cost saving options from execution to "Life of Field". Being able to provide the most economical solutions is important all whilst remaining tight and continuing to invest in R&D to move even faster on the particularly high end challenges of the future. It's a tough situation to be in but no matter what the scope is from simple to extremely complex, we have a wide range of solutions and of course the agility to act fast.

Read the publication in the Offshore Technology Review 2018.

*GMAW – Gas Metal Arc Welding

**STT – Surface Tension Transfer

***CRA – Corrosion Resistant Alloys

****TechnipFMC – global leader in subsea, onshore, offshore and surface technologies