Jane Oh: thriving on challenge and fulfillment

07/03/2018 - Careers, United States
Her passion for challenges has driven her to leave Singapore, her home country, to work in the U.S., China and Argentina.

Jane joined Vallourec in 2014 as sales manager for onshore linepipe projects, a newly created position.  "After 15 years with my previous employer, I was ready for a move.  Vallourec offers opportunity for growth.  That was one of the main reasons for the move: the ability and potential for growth with the company."

The position thrust Jane into a new challenge.   Vallourec 's approach was evolving to focus on engineering, procurement and construction companies and end-users.  The goal was to increase business and visibility as well as gain a better understanding of their needs and the opportunities that exist.

Jane has managed to enter into this approach and overcome the resilience she sometimes met to complete her projects successfully. "We now know our end-users better."  This change has actually allowed Vallourec to grow business and further strengthen the relationships with key customers on the distribution side.

Trust in business relationships is something Jane learned from one of her previous managers.  "Sometimes it's challenging when you have to be the bearer of bad news, which is why you always need to suggest a solution.  This is how I have built my reputation over the years.  My customers know they can rely on me."

Jane also values the respect and trust demonstrated by her managers, as well as Vallourec's willingness to invest in its people.  Another plus is the cultural and gender diversity at Vallourec.  "When I came here, I didn't realize they had many female managers in the company with various opportunities for them to thrive.  And there is such cultural diversity—people from different countries and different races.  It's really a good environment to work in."

In addition to her job at Vallourec, Jane volunteers with the Malaysian Singapore Association of Houston (MSAH), helping newcomers in her community become acclimated.  "Moving to a new country is very challenging.  I'm part of the volunteer committee, helping people coming from Malaysia and Singapore settle in.  I really enjoy being connected to the people from home and it gives me a sense of fulfillment as well."

Challenge and fulfillment—two words that have driven Jane throughout her career to where she is now.  "I wanted to do something more exciting and challenging, and Vallourec was a good opportunity. It's very challenging but also very fulfilling", she concludes.