S. Fougou, Group General Counsel & F. Curie, Group HR VP

08/03/2017 - Commitments
Advancing gender equality enables us to go further, faster.

Gender diversity is a cornerstone of our general diversity policy. In 2012, we launched our Action Plan for gender diversity, including three main objectives:

  • increase the number of women in operational positions,
  • step up their presence in Senior Management and Executive positions,
  • increase female representation in our Top Management.

This plan translated into an evolution of our recruitment policy, and into the creation of a mentoring program, with members from our Executive Committee and the Supervisory Board mentoring young female talents of the Group, to encourage and guide their advancement in the company.

Pursuing an effective diversity policy is not only the right thing to do as a goal in itself. I am convinced – and our experience proves this - that diversity is a powerful performance and innovation driver: at all levels of the company, working in mixed teams enables us to compare viewpoints as well as different ways of working and collaborating, and to thus capitalize on mutual comprehension and collective intelligence. This is why diversity and gender equality are also integral parts of Vallourec’s business transformation strategy.


Our Group has therefore created a women’s network dedicated to debating and reflecting upon equality and the place of women within our organization, and designed to generate actual proposals for action. Launched this 8 March, and entitled “Women @ Vallourec”, this network enables us to go further, faster. Open to all women and men in the company, it will give even more visibility to the women of Vallourec and to their skills, backgrounds, ideas and initiatives and serve as a platform for idea exchange.

Achieving a better balance between work and personal life, and the role digital technology can play in this process is one of the many themes that will be addressed in the network. More generally, it will aim at imagining how collaborators, men and women alike, could learn how to better work together as a team and make the most of diversity.

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