Valinox Nucléaire shows its know-how to its partners in China

14/04/2017 - China, Nuclear, Power generation
China accounts for 50% of the world nuclear demand for new built and Vallourec, with its worldwide recognized know-how and its state-of-the-art plant of Nansha (Chinese Guandong Province), clearly intends to play a major part in this evolution.

In order to reinforce the cooperation with its partners, Valinox Nucléaire, the Group’s subsidiary specialized in the production of tubes for nuclear power plants, recently held a big 2-day technical seminar in China with its main customers (DFHM, HQC and SENPEC) and the major stakeholders of the industry (CAS, CIAE, SNERDI, CNPE, SNPI) responsible for the design of power plants as well as Utilities of nuclear power plants (CNNP, JXNPC, CNLNPC).

This important meeting was the occasion to visit the plant of Nansha, which just started the production of tubes dedicated to an AP1000 Steam Generator for an important order of HQC. Meeting the same Nuclear Safety standards as the historic nuclear mill located in Montbard (France) and its new workshop, Nansha is able to deliver the most demanding projects.

Among the exhaustive explanations given by the experts of the Group, Serge Montrichard, Steam Generator Technical and Quality Director and Marie-Agnès Gérard, Development and PEN (Nuclear Environment Products) Line Director, particularly highlighted the homogeneity of production results between the 3 worldwide shops of Valinox Nucléaire, its experience on the Gen IV power plants and its technical lead for the production of nuclear components, with not less than 40 years accumulated experience.

The quality of the exchanges and the contacts during the seminar showed that this kind of events is essential to deeply understand the customers’ needs and to be able to accompany them efficiently. Just after this meeting, Valinox Nucléaire even received two new promising firm inquiries!

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