Connecting with Confidence

21/03/2019 - Careers, Abu Dhabi, OCTG, Oil & gas
VAM® Field Service (VFS) technicians are often called upon to work in extreme environments when things have gone wrong.

Problems caused by poor pipe handling, incorrect make-up evaluation, inadequate running equipments, or use of the wrong torque can lead to inferior running performance or worse: well leakage, which is a disaster for operators.

Training our technicians

Working on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean, or onshore but miles from anywhere, is always a challenge, but when problems occur, the VFS technicians need to rely on their skill set to make the right decision at the right time, to ensure that each connection is correctly made up. In addition to troubleshooting, VFS technicians are also asked to supervise running operations to help operators improve safety and efficiency on their rigs and ensure the highest performance of VAM® products. 

VAM® Academy is the annual training session dedicated to training and certifying new VAM® Field Service technicians from around the word. For the first time, VAM® Field Service Middle East have hosted the VAM® Academy in Abu Dhabi in February 2019. The activity in the region has more than doubled since 2014, making it one of Vallourec's largest service centres, with 23 technicians.  Les Thores,  Regional Manager of the Middle East VFS centre, stated: "We are seeing strong growth in demand from operators who seek the assurance that running supervision provides. By implementing rigorous control processes and demonstrating correct handling and installation, we can reduce risk, improve efficiency and reduce overall costs for the customer."


On the agenda

Safety is everyone's #1 priority, and the training starts with the Safety Golden Rules to ensure safe and correct pipe handling both in the yard and on the rig site. The training also covers the technical aspects of the products; for each VAM® connection and steel grades as well as the latest CLEANWELL® technology. On the rig school rented for the training, the new VFS technicians are shown the correct process for inspection, thread compound application, stabbing, power tong placement, make-up speed and make up graph interpretation. "worthwhile, I had good training session for better knowledge and understanding" ," stated Sujesh Padinhare Veettil  And Abhijeet Sengupta concluded that the training on the rig was a "Good exposure to the field service procedures that needs to be followed in the field."

VAM® Field Service is a worldwide network of more than 180 qualified technicians with service centers in the Middle East, Nigeria, Angola, in South East Asia, in the CIS, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.