Vallourec in Brazil against water waste

27/05/2015 - Sustainable development, Commitments, Brazil
Vallourec has launched a campaign: "All against waste"
​​​​​​​​​Brazil is suffering from a water crisis since the beginning of the year. Local government, as well as companies and the population are making efforts to save this important resource.

Although the water recirculation rate​ at Vallourec's Barreiro mill is approximately 98%, the company is highly dependent on the local supply for industrial purposes and human consumption. Faced with this crisis, Vallourec has launched the: "All against waste" campaign which aims to advice employees on how to save water at work and at home. 

In addition, several technical modifications have been made to reduce water consumption at the Barreiro Plant, for example the installation of flow reducers in 600 taps and 500 showers. 

"Save here, in order to have there. 
All against waste. Water is ​rare. Do your part and contribute."​​