Vallourec testing centers

Vallourec runs 3 VAM® connection test and development centers in France (Aulnoye-Aymeries), the United States (Houston, Texas) and Indonesia (Batam), and is planning to build a fourth one in Brazil in 2015.

The VAM® Testing Center in Aulnoye (France)

The Aulnoye-Aymeries VAM® testing center in northern France develops products that are constantly pushing back the boundaries in the oil and gas industry (VAM® connections and tubes), to tackle increasing drilling operation complexity.

This center designs premium threaded connections, fine-tunes proprietary steel grades and develops threading line industrialization. It also has full-scale testing capabilities to check VAM® connection and tube sealing under the most extreme conditions.

In January 2014, Vallourec announced its decision to extend its VAM® connection development and testing center in Aulnoye-Aymeries with a view to doubling its capacity.

 The VAM® Testing Center in Houston (United States)

This VAM® threaded connection engineering and testing center is harnessing the experience that the VAM USA LLC and Atlas Bradford teams have pooled to develop products for the American market.

A new unit inaugurated in April 2011 has doubled connection testing capacity in the United States. It concentrates a large share of the Group's expertise and focuses its research on metal/metal thread sealing, i.e. the core of VAM® joint technology.

The VAM® Testing Center in Batam (Indonesia)

Vallourec also has testing capabilities in Indonesia, at its company PT Citra Tubindo (PTCT), which heat-treats and threads OCTG tubes and VAM® connections for the Indonesian market and Asia Pacific region.