Economic responsibility

Value creation over the long term

Continuing our development with ever more innovative and competitive products, manufactured in modern, efficient plants that are located as close as possible to our customers and that are part of the dynamism of local economy... this is Vallourec's motto when it comes to economic responsibility.

A global industrial reorganization plan

In line with its premium positioning, Vallourec concentrates its European activities on the design and production of high added-value products and solutions, and continues to focus on its Research and Development activities in France and Germany. In order to address its steel production overcapacity, Vallourec sold to the Ascometal Group a majority stake in the Saint-Saulve steel mill.

To streamline its Brazilian activities, Vallourec Tubos do Brasil (VBR, subsidiary held 100% by Vallourec) transferred almost all of the assets and liabilities from its tubular business to Vallourec & Sumitomo Tubos do Brasil (held 84.6% by Vallourec) with steel production being concentrated at the state-of-the-art steel mill in Jeceaba.

In China, the Group acquired the control of Tianda Oil Pipe (TOP), a Chinese seamless pipe manufacturer with industrial assets including a state-of-the-art PQF®-type rolling mill qualified by leading Oil & Gas customers.

These major strategic initiatives have substantially transformed the Group’s industrial footprint and operational organization and improve its competitiveness in the short and long term.

Innovation is at the heart of our strategy

A key factor for competition and growth, innovation has always been at the heart of Vallourec’s strategy, and has largely contributed to its leading position. In a very competitive global environment, the Group intends to continue to detect and foresee the technological challenges faced by its customers. It must respond to the radical and rapid evolution of their needs by offering them tailored solutions which are simultaneously safe, reliable and environmentally friendly, and that create value, in line with its premium position.

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Supporting energy transition

Vallourec, as a responsible company, actively researches how its products and solutions can facilitate the development of renewable energies and energy efficiency as a possible response to the IEA’s « 2°C scenario». Vallourec’s offshore windmill foundations and research on « Carbon Capture and Storage » technologies are examples of this engagement. The Strategic Marketing department works on identifying opportunities in the fields of geothermics, different solar technologies, hydrokinetic power, biomass and hydrogen.