Recruitment process

Recruitment Criteria

Our recruitment is primarily directed towards candidates open and able to evolve, both geographically (national and international), at the level of business and industry who wish to take responsibility and progress within the Group.

We also recruit, according to the specific needs of candidates whose mobility is limited to a region and allow them to build their careers in different establishments of a labor pool and a succession of functions.​

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Recruitment Process​

 For positions in France, the recruitment process is intended that on the one hand, candidates can be evaluated as accurately as possible, on the other hand they may be able to meet all the people enabling them acquire information about the position or group.

  • 1st stage - Interview with the management of Human Resources.
  • 2nd stage - Interview with the prospective supervisor, presentation of the position and tour of the facility. 
  • Step 3 - Interview with the President of the entity.

Finally, the hiring manager completes the process with the candidate.

These steps help guarantee the company and the candidates of the relevance of their choices, without slowing the hiring process.



6% of payroll is for staff training

We identify 3 types of training for Managers:

Integration to the Group

 During the first year the new comers go through the following steps:

  • Part 1: Factory visits, understanding the manufacturing processes, introduction of markets for different activities (5 days).
  • Part 2: Seminar presentation of strategic issues by the Senior Management (3 days).

Training tailored to the position

Training directly related to the position.

Training to support career development

Specific training (Management, Communication ...), to acquire new skills to take a new position.