Sales Manager (VIE)


​Alexandre Crémieux is a graduate of the ISG Paris, where he attended a course in Business & Management, and of Centrale Paris, where he obtained a Master degree specializing in engineering. In October 2014, he left for to Dubai to work for Vallourec as a VIE (Volunteer for International Experience). Let's take a closer look at what he is doing…

What did you do before joining Vallourec?

My career began as a junior analyst in the general management team of a leading French water company. I then went into consultancy, which allowed me to participate in helping companies to develop their strategies to take into account new energy and environmental issues.    

Today, you are VIE sales manager for Vallourec Fittings, what does your job about?

Vallourec Fittings is a subsidiary of the Vallourec Group which specializes in the manufacture and sale of fittings to be welded onto pipes transporting fluids (oil, water, gas, etc.). These products are designed by one of the Group's plants located in the North of France and are distributed worldwide, especially in Europe, the United States and the Middle East.

As a sales manager based in Dubai, my role is to manage the development of commercial activity in the Middle East and India. I follow up contracts, promote the brand, and manage the relations between the plant based in France (Maubeuge) and our local clients. And obviously I also conduct market studies.

What are the skills/qualities that you think are necessary to perform this type of assignment successfully?

In my opinion the key qualities necessary for this job are to be interested in the technical aspect of the company, be independent, know how to prioritize, and enjoy meeting others and participating in constructive discussion.

What do you like the most about your work?

For me the opportunity to work abroad as a VIE at Vallourec is an excellent start to my career and allows me to learn about different cultures.

The VIE assignment gives me the chance to take on a level of responsibility that I would not necessarily have had if I had stayed in France. I really appreciate the responsibilities and professional freedom that I have been given.

Moreover, the results of my work have a direct effect on the factory in France, and therefore on the work of the employees. This gives real meaning to every decision I take and makes my work extremely important, which is very motivating. Given the economic context, especially the slump in oil prices, every day is a new challenge.

Finally, the high points of my assignment are above all the pleasure I get from concluding a contract but also that of discovering new cultures, for example during business trips to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

What is special about Vallourec in your opinion?

Although it is already a leader in its field, Vallourec never stops innovating in this highly competitive sector. It is facing many challenges, which makes its activity particularly dynamic because it is always seeking opportunities to reinvent its business.

Despite being a large company it has managed to stay flexible, especially thanks to the regionalization of its subsidiaries, which ensures rapid decision-making processes.

Finally, the entities are each specialized in a specific field but they work together on projects. That gives an insight into the other fields and a more macro-economic vision of its sector.