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Yvan Sales Manager
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​After graduating from ESC Rennes in 1999, where I majored in international business, I began my career as a sales and marketing manager with a French group specializing in raw materials. After four years in this position, followed by 18 months as head of sales administration at head office in Paris, I was keen to broaden my professional horizons.

I therefore joined Valtimet, a Vallourec Group subsidiary specializing in titanium and stainless steel welded rolled tubes. I am in charge of sales follow-up for customers in the seawater desalination and energy markets (conventional and nuclear power plants) in Europe, Middle East and Japan. This position involves considerable travel, and I spend around 40% of my time away from the office.

Sales coverage for this region is provided either directly (France and Russia), via agents (Northern Europe, Italy, Middle East and Japan) or by a Valtimet representative office (Germany). This wide variety of representation channels enables the Group to constantly reassess the most appropriate management and follow-up strategies. The freedom to work independently and the cultural diversity of my contacts make this an extremely attractive position.

I have dealt with a series of challenges during my four and a half years with Valtimet, including familiarizing myself with and building loyalty among our major customers, monitoring the Group's sales agents, and setting up and managing a representative office.


The main attractions of this position include:

  • Considerable autonomy in accomplishing the stated mission
  • Diverse nature of the role, which is more than just a sales position
  • Cultural diversity of contacts

Looking ahead, I see myself working for Vallourec in an international role, whether in sales management or the management of a business unit. I am enthusiastic about the future, motivated by the genuine career prospects on offer in North America, Brazil and Asia.

Sales Profession


Seek new business and build a portfolio of loyal customers in Europe or elsewhere.

The Group's sales teams define and apply sales policy in a particular export region and oversee the Group's sales network (made up of sales subsidiaries and independent agents). They identify growth opportunities and promote the Group's offerings.