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Stéphanie Quality and R&D Manager
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​Having trained as a general mechanical and industrial automation engineer at ENI in Belfort, I joined Vallourec in 2000, initially as an R&D engineer. Very quickly, I was offered managerial responsibility, taking charge of the Process Planning/R&D department (with a staff of five) for a production line at a company specializing in the energy and automotive sectors.

In 2003, I changed direction, taking on responsibility for the Quality team (12 staff) in addition to my R&D duties, at a different production line in the same company.

I joined Valinox Nucléaire (which produces tubes for steam generators) in March 2005, as Quality and R&D manager. In this role, I manage a team of 17 people, four of whom report to me directly.

My position revolves around the following missions:

  • Introduce and maintain a quality system that complies with Nuclear industry (in particular ASME and RCC-M) and ISO 9001 requirements.
  • Use problem-solving methodologies to analyze malfunctions, identify the root causes, develop action plans and follow up their implementation.
  • Manage relationships with Chinese, Japanese, American, Korean, Spanish and French customers, providing support, taking part in working groups and generally ensuring that customers are satisfied.
  • Reorganize departments to reflect the plant's needs (e.g. increased capacity)
  • Monitor suppliers, propose improvement plans, etc.
  • Produce the annual R&D programme
  • Line-manage the colleagues who report to me directly (managers and supervisory staff), etc.


Because Vallourec supplies a wide range of products for many different sectors of activity in a large number of countries, the Group offers significant career development prospects. In addition, managers enjoy considerable independence combined with rapid promotion to positions of real responsibility. These considerations are what originally led me to choose Vallourec.

Other aspects subsequently reassured me that I had made the right decision, including the intelligent use of benchmarking tools and meetings, regular experience-sharing with colleagues from other Vallourec plants, not to mention the annual Group conference, which provides an overall vision of the various divisions and sets out common goals.

For my next career move, I would like to change to a completely different activity or business line. I would also welcome an opportunity to work abroad.

Quality Profession


Ensure product conformity, and implement and uphold the Group's quality strategy.

Quality managers introduce and operate a quality system, identify and analyze any malfunctions and suggest solutions for non-conformity issues. Their role also includes assessing the quality management system from a "continuous improvement" perspective, conducting regular audits that enable preventive action to be taken, for example. They provide operational staff with quality-related training and monitor the Group's suppliers. These activities play an important role in ensuring customer satisfaction.