Inside Views

Gerardo Manufacturing Supervisor

I went to school at The University of Texas at El Paso, I earned my  Mechanical Engineer Bachelor's degree in 2008 and completed my Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2010.  I immediately began working at the Biodiesel industry as an Process Engineer before joining Vallourec  as a Product Engineer.


For the first 6 months of my assignment, I was assisting Product Engineering and the Customer Centered Organization with product development. Being part of the team helped me to understand the products manufactured through Vallourec Drilling Products USA.  For the next assignment, I assumed the role of Manufacturing Supervisor in the Tool Joint Dept., where I was able to develop and broaden my Vallourec Management System knowledge. 


The Tool Joint area was the first pilot department  in the US to adopt the Lean VMS principles throughout its operational process.  I was able to work with tenured manufacturing operation employees and establishing a working relationship.  I learned from them more about the distinctive mechanics of the machinery, their aspirations, and their views of Vallourec.  It was also my opportunity to foster to the employees our Vallourec's ideologies of working in a safe environment while producing a high quality product. It is important to mention that being part of the Continuous Improvement Teams has provided me the tools to attack problems efficiently with a teamwork mentality, learn more from my colleagues, and participate in different events in all departments.


Moreover,  I have had the opportunity to be in charge of other departments throughout the plant. This allowed me to adapt the knowledge acquired in the Tool Joint Dept. to other areas of the facility. Currently, I am in charge of the Weld line Department, and it is a great responsibility to be working where everything comes together. I am aware that we are the final step before the product goes out to our customers and where all the team's effort throughout the plant is located to keep my line running. It is a big challenge, but it presents an outstanding opportunity to keep growing professionally within Vallourec.


I like being part of the Vallourec family because, besides giving me a safe working environment, I have been allowed to contribute with my knowledge in a company with a global impact; I have been provided the opportunity to keep learning about the tubular industry and develop my professional skills and take them to next level; finally, working in Vallourec has put me in contact with people from different cultures, which has helped me open my perspective towards different approaches to specific problems along the company.


I see myself continuing evolving within Vallourec, and learning more about other fields. As a Mechanical Engineer, I am interested in learning and participating in R&D projects, or in the Heat Treatment area, focusing more on the analysis of the mechanical properties of the product that we manufacture.



Mission: Manage tube production at a plant, giving due consideration to costs, scheduling requirements and quality, while ensuring safe working conditions and harmonious labour relations. 

Good production managers organize the various schedules without ever losing sight of the need to optimize the plant's profitability. They know how to build team spirit and realize the importance of developing co-workers' skills.