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Georges Head of maintenance for the hot-rolling mill
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​I trained as an engineer at the Arts et Métiers institute before joining Vallourec as a maintenance engineer at the Saint-Saulve pipe mill in 2005. I worked on the hot-rolling mill, which is an impressive and highly complex installation. 

 Over the next three years, I was promoted first to head of the maintenance improvement department, where I became totally familiar with the technical aspects of the hot-rolling mill, and then a year later I took over as head of Mechanical Engineering Technical Support. The main role of this department, which has a staff of 18, is to organize maintenance at the facility during scheduled shutdowns (at weekends and in August and December). We conduct failure analyses to reveal areas for improving performance and enhancing equipment reliability.

Since February 2009, I am head of maintenance for the hot-rolling mill.

A typical day will take me into the field, beginning with a tour of the shop to take the rolling mill's pulse followed by meetings with manufacturers to understand their requirements. Technical issues are analyzed on a daily basis at a maintenance coordination meeting, to prepare the work that will be carried out during the next weekend maintenance session.

Decisions must be taken with consideration to three key criteria: employee safety, product quality and equipment reliability, without overspending the €7 million routine maintenance budget.

My position requires a combination of technical expertise and leadership of a team of professionals who are deeply attached to the equipment that they use. A responsive approach, rigorous attitude and close monitoring are essential at all times.

I was immediately attracted to the company policy which blends the team spirit of a small firm with the efficiency of a multinational enterprise.

There are career opportunities in a wide range of businesses and production sites. If I remain in maintenance, I can see myself managing a production shift in a few years.

Maintenance Profession


Maintain good quality of service by ensuring that equipment operates smoothly, and help Production to optimize its use of production resources.

Maintenance managers produce preventive and corrective maintenance plans. They identify and analyze the causes of failures, plan improvements and monitor their implementation on the ground (introduction of new procedures, operator training, etc.).