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Grégory HR manager
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​​I have a dual role as operational HR manager for the Cosne-sur-Loire plant and HR coordinator for three oil industry-focused sites in France. A team of five people assists me with this work.  

My position involves leading a team, maintaining a presence in the field and providing consultant advice for operational staff, while also working to define the main thrusts of labour policy within my scope. 

As a manager, I define the basic framework of our function's activity while attempting to maximize added value for the company and helping my colleagues to feel fulfilled in their work. I individually line-manage each of my team members as well as organizing monthly department meetings. 

Labour policy relates to the major HR issues that can be addressed to enhance the company's overall performance, such as defining team management standards and training all managerial staff to oversee their implementation. 

I also support operational staff with HR issues such as defining a new working organization at a production unit or introducing a mentoring scheme to capitalize and transfer expertise. 

While studying for my Master's degree in business and personnel administration and a Human Resources qualification, I had the opportunity to tour a Vallourec facility, where I learnt about the Group's labour policies and Human Resources management tools. Although it is rare for a "shop window" presentation to be reflected in reality, I realized that this was indeed the case at Vallourec.

This positive initial experience, the level of responsibility I was offered for a first job and the genuine career prospects were decisive factors in my decision to join the Group after graduating in 2000.

My first position was as HR manager (with one person reporting to me) at a site with a workforce of 150 specializing in products for the automotive industry. In 2003, I became HR and safety manager at a larger site, with a staff of 350, where I was assisted by a team of three. I took up my current position in 2007.

 My plans for the future…? I am in no doubt that Vallourec will offer me challenges to match my ambitions!

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Foster employees' development throughout their careers with the Group.


The term "human resources" covers a number of related professions: recruitment, management of the Employment and Expertise Plan (GEPC), administrative personnel management, labour relations, etc. Human resources managers are also responsible for upholding the Group's core values.