Vallourec is looking for suppliers to partner with in the long term. Having the support of first class suppliers is key in order to achieve ambitious goals, therefore we know how important it is to build long-lasting relationships. We are looking for suppliers with unique and innovative technologies with whom to collaborate and create new business opportunities.

We expect best quality, competitiveness and delivery on time from Vallourec's suppliers. Together with its suppliers, the Group works hard towards achieving a common goal: to be the World's best in premium tubular solutions.

Vallourec's Expectations

  • Quality, cost & delivery
  • Comply with the Group environmental and safety rules
  • Comply with the Group terms and conditions
  • Support the Group competitiveness through suppliers' product quality and pricing
  • Support Innovation initiatives
  • Reliability and flexibility
  • Global players as well as local/regional suppliers
  • Readiness to start strategic partnerships
  • Strong communication skills at all levels

What Vallourec Offers to Suppliers

  • Strong commitment to develop long term business relationships
  • The possibility to sell products to a global leader
  • The opportunity to expand to other countries
  • Highly qualified contact persons in Sourcing, willing to create strategic partnerships with the Group's suppliers


Vallourec expects its suppliers to be aligned with its own Code of Ethics:

> Code of Ethics – Prescription of rules

These principles for action reflect amongst others the way in which Vallourec means to conduct its relationships with suppliers.

Vallourec strives to develop a relationship of confidence and partnership with its suppliers in order to best satisfy its customers' requirements.

Taking the interests of all into consideration and complying with fair contractual terms are the foundation of relationships between Vallourec and its suppliers. Vallourec asks its suppliers to respect the environment, as well as the fundamental rights of their employees, in line with its commitments to its own personnel.

Vallourec Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Vallourec has developed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, which main objective is to manage the impacts of operations in a responsible manner.

In this context, Vallourec monitors social, environmental and ethical performance of all its suppliers, using a dedicated third party, in compliance with the laws pertaining to the “duty of vigilance”.




Group Policy pertaining to the Conflict Minerals purchase:

- Vallourec and its affiliates (“Vallourec”) do not accept goods or services from its suppliers that contain “Conflict Minerals” (currently gold, tin, tantalum and tungsten) that may be subject to reporting requirements or other restrictions in any country or region.

- Vallourec requires that its suppliers implement Conflict Minerals supply chain due diligence policies and procedures that are consistent with internationally recognized standards.

- Any exceptions to the foregoing requirements must be agreed to by Vallourec in writing prior to the acceptance by suppliers of a purchase order.