Our fundamentals

Operations driven by a long-term strategy

The Group specializes in high added value products and is stepping up its presence in high-potential areas that are close to its customers, while also improving its competitiveness.

A decidedly premium positioning

Specializing in highly complex applications, Vallourec is backed up by its six research centers around the world where over 500 engineers and technicians work to shore up its technological leadership.

The Group is constantly developing new manufacturing processes and innovative products. It also designs complete, high added value solutions for its customers.

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A local presence on a global scale

A growing number of countries in which Vallourec operates increasingly want the added value of the products they buy to be produced locally, in order to boost their national economies.

To address this challenge, Vallourec continues to internationalise its industrial base, while developing local services for its customers.

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Becoming more competitive

The Group’s competitiveness is not solely dependent on the technological excellence of its products and the relevance and quality of the services it offers its clients.

Improving operational efficiency is a priority for Vallourec. This enables the Group to improve its economic performance and respond to customer demand faster and more efficiently.

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Customer satisfaction

EnergyPoint Research, renowned provider of independent oil and gas industry customer satisfaction surveys, ratings and reports, has ranked Vallourec one of the industry’s top ten most customer-oriented suppliers.​