Vivienne Cox


Supervisory Board Chairman
Strategy Committee Chairman

Born on 29 May 1959

Nationality: British

Expertise and managerial experience
Graduate of Oxford University and INSEAD
Honorary Doctorate from the University of Hull

Twenty-eight years’ experience with the BP Group


Other positions

  • Director of Pearson Plc, Chairman of the Governance Committee (since 2017), member of the Reputation and Responsibility Committee (since 2017), member of the Audit Committee, the Appointments Committee, and the Compensation Committee (since 2012) and Senior Independent Director (since 2013)
  • Director of GlaxoSmithKline Plc (since 2016), member of the Compensation Committee (since 2017) and the Social Responsibility Committee (since 2017)
  • Commissioner of the Airport Commission of the Department of Transport of the British government (since 2012)
  • Member of the Consulting Board and Chairman of the Compensation Committee of Montrose Associates
  • Director of Stena AB (since 2017)


CEO of BP Gas, Power and Renewables

Non-executive Chairman and Director of the consulting of the advisory and investment firm Climate Change Capital Ltd.

Director and member of the Appointments Committee and Sustainable Development Committee of Rio Tinto Plc

Director and member of the Sustainable Development Committee, the Compensation Committee and the Appointments Committee of BG Group Plc

Lead Independent Director of the Department for International Development of the British government

Manager B of Stena International SARL (Luxembourg)