Board committees

The Supervisory Board has set up four committees: the Finance and Audit Committee, the Appointments, Compensation and Governance Committee, the Strategy Committee and the Corporate, Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee.

These committees have an advisory role and prepare certain Board meetings. They issue proposals, recommendations and opinions in their respective areas of competence.

The Finance and Audit Committee

Three members: Jean-Jacques Morin (Chairman), Bpifrance Participations represented by Alexandre Ossola and Alexandra Schaapveld.

The Finance and Audit Committee is responsible for preparing the Supervisory Board's deliberations relating to the compilation and oversight of accounting and financial reporting information. In this context, it oversees procedures for compiling financial reporting information, for ensuring effective internal control and risk management systems and for the statutory audit of annual and consolidated accounts by the auditors and for ensuring the independence of the latter.

The Appointments, Compensation and Governance Committee

Five members: Pierre Pringuet (Chairman), Laurence Broseta, Pascale Chargrasse, Mickaël Dolou and Alexandra Schaapveld. ​

The Appointments, Compensation and Governance Committee is responsible for preparing the Supervisory Board's deliberations on the appointment and compensation of the Group's corporate and governance officers. In this context, the Committee's duties are as follows:

  • Appointments: preparation of the procedure used to select members of the Supervisory Board and Management Board and proposals for appointments and re-appointments. The Committee's choice of candidates for appointment as Board members takes account, in particular, of the need to achieve a balance that reflects the Company's changing shareholder base as well as a diversity of skills, genders and nationalities.
  • Compensation: proposals concerning the amount and allocation of attendance fees paid to Board members, proposals concerning the compensation of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, opinions on the compensation of members of the Management Board and on the Group's share subscription and share purchase options policies and allocation of bonus shares.
  • Governance: reviewing the operation of the management bodies, preparing the annual assessment of the Board and following up on its conclusions, reviewing and monitoring any conflicts of interest between a Board member and the Company, examining members' requests in relation to new mandates or roles outside the Group, and examining the independence of Board members.​

In addition, the Committee is informed of the appointment of members of the Operational Committee, including the relevant compensation policy and succession plan. 

The Strategy Committee

Three members: Vivienne Cox (Chairman), Philippe Altuzarra and Bpifrance Participations represented by Alexandre Ossola.

The Committee is responsible for preparing the Board's deliberations on the Group's strategic direction and its long-term future.

The Corporate, Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee

Three members: Laurence Broseta (Chairman), Maria-Pilar Albiac-Murillo and Philippe Altuzarra.

The CSR Committee's mission is to ensure that the Group best anticipates the challenges, opportunities and extra-financial risks associated with its business in order to promote responsible and harmonious long-term value creation. It makes recommendations on the Group's policy and achievements in this area.