Vallourec is the world leader in the power generation market and delivers tubular solutions for conventional and nuclear power plants. We are a long lasting partner of the power generation industry, for the construction of safe, reliable and high efficiency power plants.​


With end-users in conventional and nuclear power plants, the Power Generation Division represents two​ activities:

Steam Tubes and Pipes

Supercritical and Ultra-Supercritical Power Plants

Vallourec is a key partner for the builders of supercritical or ultra-supercritical thermal power plants, whose pressure (220 bars) and operating temperatures (600-610°C) are greater than those in older power plants, that are more energy efficient and help reduce CO2 emissions.

Advanced Supercritical Power Plants

In addition, the Group is developing new solutions with its customers for the next generation of advanced supercritical thermal power plants, which will operate at even higher pressures and temperatures (350 bars and 700°C respectively).

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Nuclear Island Tubes

Steam Generator Tubes and Nuclear Island Products

A subsidiary of Vallourec specialized in Steam Generator tubes for nuclear power plants, Val​inox Nucléaire benefits from an experience gained over the last decades, an unrivalled know-how and a security culture that can be equaled by no other.

Valinox Nucléaire offers also Nuclear Environment Products covering various needs, often in small quantities and with short lead times, requiring the intervention of a wide variety techniques.

We go even one step further: our experts are working on new materials for fast breeder reactors (Generation IV) to offer tubular solutions for the energy challenges of tomorrow.

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From equipping new plants to maintenance and the renovation of existing plants, Vallourec sets the global benchmark for power plant tubular solutions.​


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