For more than 100 years, Mannesmann, then Vallourec, has been supplying China with large quantities of increasingly sophisticated tubes and pipes primarily serving the power generation and oil & gas markets as well as petrochemical, mechanical and structural applications.

On the power generation market, Vallourec is a recognized and experienced expert of solutions for nuclear and conventional (supercritical and ultra supercritical) power plants.

As an example, the Group delivered its first premium tubular ​​solutions for the supercritical plant project of Qin Bei in 1995.​

In Oil & Gas, Vallourec offers a wide range of premium tubular solutions as drill pipes, OCTG, risers, line-pipes and offshore structures, delivering products to the most demanding and critical fields in China such as Tarim basin (deep wells with critically geological conditions), Sichuan basin (extreme drilling conditions wells with high content of H2S and geological difficulties) as well as Bohai and Nanhai Seas (performance products for drilling deep water wells and complex extended reach wells).

Chinese market​

China represents approximately one third of the global seamless pipes consumption.

Main customers

  • Power generation: Huaneng, Datang, Huadian, Guodian, CPI, HEC, SEC, DEC, DFHM, SENPEC, HQC, Shen Hua, B/W, Dongguan Power, Ji Lin Hao Yu.
  • ​Oil & Gas: CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, Chevron, Roc Oil, TP, TOTAL, ESSAR, Pertamina, Petrobras, PDVSA, Cairn, PTTEP, PERENCO, OXY, Shell, KOC, Repsol, Schlumberger, GE.​

Key dates of Vallourec's history in China​

2016 In November, increase of Vallourec controlling interest in Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe up to 70.07%, and launch of a Mandatory General Offer to acquire the remaining shares
2015 ​Valinox Nucléaire Guangzhou (Nansha) receives HAF601 homologation
2014 ​Creation of Vallourec (Beijing) Shanghai Branch​
2013 ​​​Inauguration of Valinox Nucléaire new plant in Nansha
​2012 ​​​Extension of Vallourec Changzhou (production and finishing of power generation tubes)
​2011 ​First stone laid of Valinox Nucléaire in Nansha
2010 ​​New investment project of Valinox Nucléaire in Nansha: facility for steam generator tubes dedicated to the Chinese nuclear power industry
2010 ​Acquisition of 19.5% of Tianda Oil Pipe, a Chinese pipe manufacturer for Oil & Gas applications​
2010 ​Decision to extend Vallourec Changzhou capacity (production of power generation tubes)
2007 ​Creation of VAM Changzhou (threading facility, oil & gas)
2007 ​Creation of Vallourec (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
2006 ​Creation of Vallourec Changzhou (finishing facility, power generation)
1996 ​First plant in Changzhou (Changzhou Vallourec Heat Exchanger Tubes)
1954 ​First contract for boiler tubes and pipes
​1904 ​​First tube delivered to the water network of Shanghai city by Mannesmann


​Vallourec is the first foreign company to be admitted to the China Steel Pipe Association (CSPA)

This member status recognizes Vallourec for its important role in China’s industrial landscape, strengthens its influence among local industrial actors and further intensifies interactions with the Chinese market.
The CSPA is among the country’s most influential industry associations and actively advises the Chinese government in matters of industrial policy. Counting all major seamless pipe manufacturers in China among its members, it aims at facilitating international trade relations. 

Key figures

Production sites5
Vallourec-China business relationship100years of cooperation
Vallourec presence in China20years

Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe Company Limited

To learn more about Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe Company Limited, visit the website.

‭(Hidden)‬ Key Figures

Manufacturing and service facilities8
Vallourec-China bussiness relationship 100years of cooperation