Vallourec's Industry Division manufactures hot-rolled pipes and hollow sections packed with outstanding quality, delivers tubular solutions meeting or exceeding national and international standards, and purpose-designs products to its customers' precise requirements. This division's fields of expertise span offshore and onshore construction, mechanical engineering, bearing tubes and hollow sections.

Our products are used around the world for a variety of applications including drilling and other platforms, bridges, buildings and other roofed structures, cranes, agricultural and industrial machinery, mechanical components and systems, mining, and offshore projects.

Mechanical Engineering

The tubes and rings that the Group manufactures outfit a wide range of mechanical devices including cranes, hydraulic cylinders, axles, mining equipment and farming machinery.

Vallourec has developed an extensive range of products encompassing a wide choice of steel grades and dimensions. Six steel grades were recently rebranded to explicitly highlight their mechanical features. One of them, Forterior®, is remarkably strong and particularly suitable for agricultural machinery components. FineXcell®, another range, comprises fine-grain steel tubes providing unrivalled elasticity. Their extreme resistance, excellent resilience and superior weldability are geared for crane and hydraulic cylinder production.


Numerous bridges, airports, stadiums, buildings and other pioneering architectural projects use the Group's tubular solutions, for their best-in-class strength and light weight. Examples include several stadiums hosting the 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil, and the 124-meter-high antenna that has been standing atop the One World Trade Center in New York since April 2013.

Vallourec also leverages its expertise in the oil and gas industry, where it supplies structural tubes used to build offshore platforms, and purpose-engineered mechanical parts for that market.


Vallourec's automotive tubes and components are principally made in Brazil to supply the local market,. They are used to build heavy trucks, light vehicles, two-wheelers, building site vehicles and agricultural equipment.

Vallourec teams work with the leading design offices to deliver trailblazing tailored solutions for customers known for their uncompromising standards. Most of these solutions apply to suspension and transmission parts, structural and passive safety components, shock absorbers, bearings and heavy truck axles.

Vallourec Bearing Tubes, one of the Group's French companies, provides a wide range of bearing tubes and rings for the automotive industry as well as wind farms and other industrial applications.

From Tubes to Tubular Solutions

The "iTube" – meaning intelligent and innovative industrial tube – is a perfect example of the Group's strategy, which is tantamount to supplying the best tubes for specific applications and providing integrated solutions that address every one of our customers' requirements, and optimize every operation from planning to construction and on to processing and logistics.

Service is embedded in the iTube philosophy. The Industry Division's technology center actively centers its R&D on tubes for groundbreaking tubular solutions such as PREON: PREON Box and P​REON Marine​ are two perfect examples of developments on this front.


Vallourec has unleashed synergies by leveraging Group-wide technical expertise and project-management experience.

The Group can count on six R&D centers with large teams of technical experts in areas covering metalworking, mechanical behavior, destructive and non-destructive tests, steam oxidation and corrosion, surface treatments, product and process simulations, and heat-transfer technologies.

A Responsible Group

Vallourec honors its environmental commitments. These include manufacturing products that comply with the stringent requirements in the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) environmental statement.