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Presenting the new Integral Connection VAM® LIFT
24/07/2017 - Mexico, Oil & gas

VAM® LIFT for onshore applications is the only connection on the Mexican market qualified under ISO 13679 2002 CAL-1 for high torque and the most suitable for DWC applications

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Vallourec Oil & Gas Mexico Receives the 2016 Quality Award
10/07/2017 - Mexico, Oil & gas

Six Sigma program reduces variability, defects, benefits customers through competitive, reliable products and services.

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Vallourec Mexico New Line D Improves Connections Time to Market
20/06/2017 - Mexico, Oil & gas

Our customers count on the reliability of VAM® products from the design to the industrialization

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Vallourec Mexico Provides Competitive Solutions for Offshore Gulf of Mexico
01/06/2017 - Mexico, Oil & gas

Team collaboration found a solution that generated efficiency and cost optimization for Pemex.

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Nicolas de Coignac Reaffirms Vallourec’s Unwavering Commitment to North America Oil & Gas Market
04/05/2017 - United States, Oil & gas

We are working on huge savings opportunities by uniting our efforts in close collaboration with our distributors, the operators, the EPCs, the contractors and service companies to make all of us successful, together.

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Teamwork from France, to the USA, to Mexico is Key for Sourcing Manager Maria Lopez
07/03/2017 - Careers, Mexico, Oil & gas , OCTG

"A friend told me to give the best I have, and that’s what I try to do every day."

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Connection Magazine Dedicated to VAM® 50 years
08/08/2016 - Mexico, OCTG , Oil & gas

The Connection magazine special issue dedicated to VAM® 50 years is hot off the press!

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Vallourec Mexico Celebrates 35th Anniversary
27/07/2016 - Commitments, Mexico, Oil & gas , OCTG

Vallourec Oil & Gas Mexico S.A. de C.V. celebrated its 35th anniversary in July 2016.

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Vallourec Innovation & Ability to make Customer Projects Reality
13/05/2016 - Mexico, Oil & gas

Vallourec is accelerating its transformation and reaffirms its positioning as a major market player.

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