Vallourec Mexico New Line D Improves Connections Time to Market

20/06/2017 - Mexico, Oil & gas
Our customers count on the reliability of VAM® products from the design to the industrialization

On May 28, 2017 Vallourec Mexico dedicated the new Line D at its Veracruz facility. The revamped threading line provides our oil and gas customers with a faster industrialization of the next generation of VAM® connections in response to their evolving technical needs.

Local customers benefit from the expanded threading capabilities up to 20" OD. The new portfolio will support all customers to begin operations in Mexico after the Energy Reform with a complete onshore and offshore offer on products like Big Omega® (20"), VAM® LIFT (13 3/8"- 16"), VAM® BOLT (11 7/8"-18"). Pemex has already congratulated Vallourec Mexico for this achievement that provides more options and new technologies for use in complex and critical wells for deepwater, and unconventional applications. 

The line is part of the VAM® Threading Competency Center (TCC), and teams from all over the world can train on real scale equipment to deliver the same homogeneous VAM® quality threading regardless of the field location. Vallourec has more than 40 VAM® threading lines on close to 20 sites across the world.

Speeding up time-to-market

Our quest for innovation is not confined to developing new solutions and premium products; it includes improving manufacturing processes and capabilities to speed up project execution and time-to-market. A dedicated team from VAM® TCC and Vallourec Mexico secure the best and most reliable production methods to deliver high quality products. 

Vallourec Mexico Line D offers a set of optimized tools, and is dedicated to solving industrialization issues. This facilitates the introduction of new connections and reduce time-to-market for our customers. For example, we trained operators from Vallourec Saudi Arabia to produce the VAM® HTTC premium connection, one of our most recent and most complex connections. Thanks to the practical hands-on training on Line D, Vallourec Saudi Arabia is successfully producing the extreme high torque connection for its customer in the Middle East.

A Swiss Tool

Line D is a production line that integrates various aspects of industrialization beyond new connections, and contributes to improving our operations, testing new equipment, advanced solutions and training people. "It's like a "Swiss tool" for industrialization to meet our customers' expectations and strengthen our premium positioning!" explained Pascal HAOND, Technology & Performance Downstream Director, Technology & Industry Central Department.

The May event gathered the VAM USA Management teams, Vallourec Oil & Gas Mexico, and VAM® Threading Competency Center project teams. Our market environments are changing fast. To meet our customers' expectations and strengthen our premium positioning, Vallourec continues to be innovative, creative and collaborative.

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